1.6 Million electrol official and around 7 lakh secuurity forces will be deployed in election’s going to be held from july 25

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Election Comission Of Pakistan (ECP) said that around 7.5 lakh security men and 1.6 million electrol offical will be deployed in the upcoming bypoll election which are going to be start from july 25 this month. The country highest poll body announced on saturday.¬† The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) said there will two members of the Pakistan Army posted inside the polling station while two will be posted outside.The election is being held amidst a series of terror attacks across the country in which over 150 people, including two politicians, were killed in the different geographical area’s of Khyber and Bluchistan last week.

There will be 4,49,465 policemen deployed on the day of the election out of which 2,02,100 will be posted in Punjab and Islamabad while 1,00,500 policemen will be posted in Sindh area of Pakistan.



Of these, 59.22 million are male and 46.73 million are females, Dawn newspaper reported.

According to the figures, 55.9 percent of the registered voters in Pakistan are males while 44.1 percent are females.

The numbers are approximately 23 percent higher than the figures for the 2013 elections when the total number of voters stood at 86.19 million, the report said.

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