10-years old girl born with missing half-brain, sealed eyes and several other disabilities dies

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Australia: A 10-year-old girl who was born with part of her brain missing, her eyes sealed shut and severe disabilities has died. Miracletina Julie Nanai, known as Baby Miracle, was born in Samoa in 2007. Her father Mikaele said she was so severely disabled that doctors predicted she would only live for a few hours and wanted to let her die. But, against all odds, she survived past her tenth birthday before passing away on Sunday. 

Confirming his daughter’s death in the local paper, Mr Nunai recalled how he kept her alive during her first days in hospital.  He told the Samoa Observer: ‘After four days she was still breathing. I bent over and told her that I was leaving and she turned her head at me as I whispered in her ear. I will never forget that day.’

He said that after sharing this special moment, he smuggled bottles of milk into the hospital to feed to his daughter.  I took two bottles of milk and both of them were finished. She was hungry,’ he said. Although Mircale could not speak, Mr Mikaele, who raised her with her mother Sefulu, said she knew his scent and would cry when she wanted something such as food.  He signed off: ‘I miss her so much and as I reminisce about her – my heart just breaks.’

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