2000-YO Mysterious Grave opened in Egypt


Egypt: Sometimes people do activities which are a strict no-no and later realizing the consequences get shocked themselves.

Something of this sort has been done in Egypt too.

Let us tell you that a nine feet deep mysterious stone grave in the Alexandria city of Egypt has finally been opened. There are multiple of warnings about this grave that it is a cursed grave and can cause many problems if opened.

Shocking but true… the same has finally opened keeping all the warnings aside. In this 2000 years old grave, the searchers have found three mummies completely destroyed. Mummies were found floating on the sternly gutter water inside the grave made of black granite. It is being called as the biggest discovery in the city of Alexandria.

According to an English website, this search was done in the early days of July, which has now been brought before the world. A lot of people were afraid of this grave as it was titled as a cursed grave.

In the year 1922, the tomb of King TuTakkamun was opened and after some time many people associated with it were killed, from which rumors spread that it is a cursed grave. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of the Antiquities of Egypt, said that no curse has any connection with Alexander’s biggest search. He said that we have opened this grave and so far no curse has harmed us.

Waziri added, the three mummies found inside the graves are not members of the Roman royal family. They told that there was no mask made from silver or gold of any kind in the grave. Apart from this, there is no such thing as an inscription or talisman. Mami specialist Shaban Abd Mounam of the Ministry of Antiquities said that the three may be of the army personnel, because one of the three mummy’s scalp got the wounds of arrows.

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