24 Bonded Laborers Rescued From Hassan


New Delhi : Another case of bonded labour has come to light from Hassan district in Karnataka, where 24 labourers, including 10 children, were rescued by an NGO on Saturday.

This incident comes in the backdrop of a similar case that was unearthed when 52 tribals were rescued from a ginger farm in Savankamahalli village of Hassan district in mid-December. These tribals were abused and trapped in a small shed without being paid for months together.

In this case, the 24 labourers were held in bondage in a brick kiln in Sakleshpur for six months. They were all trafficked from Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu by two traffickers and the owner of the brick kiln who picked them up from their homes. At the kiln, the families weren’t given any accommodation but were only provided with tarpaulin sheets, from which they made their tents.

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