5 killed including gunman in shooting at altar in Brazil’s Sao Paulo cathedral

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NEW DELHI: A gunman opened fire inside the Catholic cathedral 
in the Brazilian city of Campinas in which at least four people were killed and four others wounded before killing himself at the altar, fire department officials said.

“Security cameras show he came in and sat down on his own. A little later he started shooting the people in front of him,” Campinas police chief Jose Henrique Ventura told reporters. The police identified the shooter as Euler Fernando Gandolfo, 49, a systems analyst with no criminal record. 

The motive of the shooting was not immediately known. The archdiocese of Sao Paulo said on its Facebook page that the killings provoked “deep pain” and added that the cathedral would be closed for as long as required for the police investigation.Brazil had nearly 64,000 murders last year – more than any other country, according to the United Nations. 

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