BJP MP appeals to set up Purush Aayog for suffering husbands in Parliament

National Politics

New Delhi: A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Lok Sabha MP argues that the “sufferings” of married men at the hands of their wives often get overlooked. To correct this, BJP MP from Ghosi, Uttar Pradesh, Harinarayan Rajbhar raised this issue during the Zero Hour in Lok Sabha on Friday. He went on to demand that Parliament should consider creating a special commission dedicated to deal with the grievances of “men suffering at the hands of their wives”, news agency PTI said in a report on the House proceedings for the day.

The commission, he says, will be called ‘purush aayog’. It will be in line with ‘mahila aayog’ (women’s commission). Raising the issue during the Zero Hour, Rajbhar said the government has constituted several commissions including the mahila aayog, but none to deal with the issues and problems faced by the men.

“Many men are suffering at the hands of their wives and several of them are locked up in jails. I demand that the government set up a ‘purush aayog’ to resolve their issues and problems,” he said, according to PTI. Hearing this demand, the entire House burst into laughter. There were five women members present in the House at that time. They too were seen smiling. Other members were seen laughing and exchanging notes on the issue with each other.

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