After ‘Modi Mantra’, ‘Modi Sutra’, now Dr. Harish Burnwal’s new book on ‘Modi’s Neeti’


New Delhi: A new book on ‘Modi’s Policy’ has been published by senior journalist and writer Dr. Harish Chandra Burnwal, on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is his third book on Prime Minister Modi, which Prabhat Prakashan has published. This book, which came before the 2019 Lok Sabha election, explains how deeply and widespread the impact has been on the civilization, culture and society of this country with the five years of the Modi government’s style of functioning. What would be its far-reaching effects?

The feature of Harish Burnwal’s book ‘Modi’s Neeti’ is that it has been effortlessly analyzing the references by means of data. According to Modi policy, “When Prime Minister Narendra Modi counters these figures, how did the work done in the country not even in six decades, he did it in a 4-5 year tenure, it is necessary to know that after all How such a change has come in the living work culture of people,Tools and resources. “The book also answers that even today, when it is felt that the twenty-first century India’s century, then what is the reason behind this confidence? A few years ago in the whole world, the identity of the country which was in the form of corruption, poverty, hunger, how is it suddenly creating new records of development, what is the real reason of New India being talked about? ‘Modi’s Neeti’ answers all these questions in totality.

There are nine chapters in the book ‘Modi’s Neeti’. It has analyzed topics from folk culture to mythological texts, from yoga to health revolution, from journalism to environment and from linguistic solidarity to the resolution of New India, the authors have analyzed the topics in different ways. The author has written in concert with senior journalist and thinker Shri Rama Bahadur Rai Ji, for the ninth chapter of the book, “Four years of meaningful change”. In this chapter, attention has been drawn towards the policy changes in the environment of India.

This book, published by Prabhat Publications, comes in two version. The hard-bound version costs 400 rupees then the paperback version costs 200 rupees. This is the sixth book of Dr. Harish Chandra Burnwal. Earlier, his stories book was published by Vani Prakashan, whereas Television’s language has been published by Radhakrishna Prakashan. The author has been honored with several awards including Bharatendu Harishchandra Award and Hindi Academy Award.

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