Arvind Kejriwal takes dig at bureaucrats; says, pay IAS officers based on calories


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Admi Party (AAP) Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday took a dig at bureaucrats saying IAS officers too should be paid on the basis of the calories they require if this rule was applicable to labourers. Citing the recent wage hike in Delhi he the committee which studied the wage hike decided that labourers needed 2,700 calories a day. The minimum monthly wage in Delhi is Rs 13,500 and earlier it was Rs 9,500.

“I told them that a worker won’t be paid based on calories. He is a human, not an animal… He has to educate his children, buy clothes… You can pay IAS officers based on their caloric needs, not labourers,” he told a meeting of the Delhi Workers Conference here on the occasion of May Day.

Relations between the AAP government and the bureaucracy have been tense since the alleged beating up of Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash by some Aam Aadmi Party MLAs.

Kejriwal said that a committee of officers as well as representatives of labourers and contractors was formed to study the matter of low wages but it didn’t get Lt Governor Anil Baijal’s approval.

“He (Baijal) complained that his permit was not asked for before forming it. We said we are asking now,” the Chief Minister said, adding that after the Lt Governor’s rejection, the same committee was formed with the same members as earlier.

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