Bhanu Choudhrie: Entrepreneur with bright imaginings

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London: The executive director of C&C Alpha Group Ltd. since 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie has received many awards for his hard work and contribution to political and public life is a successful British Indian entrepreneur.

C&C Alpha Group Ltd. is a UK based company with worldwide investments in healthcare, hospitality, aviation, utilities, and agribusiness. It has also made significant contributions in the Real Estate market. The group has a vast portfolio of investments from luxury award-winning spa hotels in India and Mauritius to care homes in the UK and has now made inroads into the Indian property market and feels India is the place to be because investors and entrepreneurs are now looking towards the east for growth and profits due to the huge growth in India, China and the Far East. The real estate wing of the company, Alpha G: Corp Development Private Limited is one of the fastest growing and most felicitated companies in the Indian real estate industry with projects spread across the country. It’s one of the few Indian real estate companies that is 100% FDI compliant and its work culture and professional practices put the company in a league of its own in India. Its portfolio extends across the country with developments that collectively encompass an area of well over 100 million square feet. Cities in India like Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Delhi NCR, Fatehabad, Gurgaon, Goa, Karnal, Jaipur, Meerut and other cities in Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have all experienced the unrivaled expertise of Alpha G: Corp.

In a recent interview Bhanu Choudhrie expressed his views on the Indian property market stating… “Local demand has never relied on outside investments in these countries. India, for example, will be a country of the future with huge opportunity for long term investments. The focus of our group is in India, with real estate, hotels and healthcare ventures”. But doing business is not as easy in India. What is Alpha G: Corp doing differently in order to survive in the volatile and fast-paced real estate market of India? “The investors backing the group have diversified business interests in international trade, power generation, apparel manufacturing, equity collaborations, information technology, specialty hospitals and prestigious real estate developments worldwide. Besides, Alpha G: Corp in an exclusive agreement in 2006, divested equity worth US$ 65 million to Morgan Stanley Real Estate, thereby opening fresh fields of opportunity in diverse developments. The company earnestly encourages its constituents, customers, associates and the fraternity to ‘Expect the finest’, from them, be it in terms of delivery standards and professionalism, or the capacity to pioneer industry-best practices in real estate development and management,” says Bhanu. However, Bhanu has some interesting advice for those looking to invest in the Indian markets. He says any individual looking to invest in real estate market in India should carefully first understand the objective of doing this. “The number of NRIs investing in real estate is increasing fast as the value of the rupee is depreciating and real estate offers yet better returns. Before venturing into investment in real estate in India, the Non-Resident Indians in particular should take care of the provisions contained in the Foreign Exchange Management Act as well as the Income-tax Act. A fair knowledge of these two enactments will help the Non-Resident Indians to take a wise decision,” he said. Bhanu has led the company to build absolutely stunning and impressive townships and shopping malls, something that the Indian consumer market has huge appetite for. As of now the company is working on two very ambitious projects – the Alpha International City Amritsar and AlphaOne, Ahmedabad. The Alpha International City, Amritsar is being developed in phases at a cost of INR 650 crores. The 300 acres township will combine plotted development, international quality civic infrastructure, avenues for recreation and entertainment, plus dedicated commercial space to deliver a holistic living experience of global standards. In the first phase, AICA is offering plotted development between 200 square yards to 500 square yards. Meanwhile the AlphaOne, Ahmedabad is one of Gujarat’s largest shopping and entertainment destination. This 1.2 million sq. ft. mixed-use development comprising of retail and entertainment was opened to the public in October 2011. Since the launch, AlphaOne in Ahmedabad has become the city’s most popular shopping and lifestyle destination with a touch of local sensibilities. Bhanu is aware that the Indian government is making progress in reforming its bureaucracy in order to attract more investors in the country. “India needs to reform its bureaucracy and curb widespread corruption so it can fix its global image and achieve the expected economic growth. These factors also prevent NRIs from investing freely in India,” he stated.
The company is also extremely conscious of environmental safeguards and considers itself one of the pioneers among Indian developers to establish sustainable Eco-practices that have been well recognized nationally and at international platforms. AlphaOne in Amritsar and Ahmedabad have received recognition and accolades for pioneering sustainable and organized CSR activities and eco-friendly practices in the city. Bhanu Choudrie has led the company to be extremely successful in establishing itself in the Indian real estate market. Armed with impressive qualification and truck loads of experience, he will surely continue to take his company high up on the competitive the ladder.

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