Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar released from jail after 15 months on mother’s appeal

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LUCKNOW: The Bhim Army, Chandrashekhar, was released from Saharanpur jail at around 2.40 am on Friday, almost two months prior to his scheduled release on November 1, 2018, on humanitarian grounds. Chandrashekhar Ravan, who is behind bars on NSA charges after last year’s Saharanpur caste violence.

In his very first remarks to the media,Chandrashekhar made it clear that he has big political plans for his Bhim Army with just months to go for the national election. He further added “The government was so scared that they are going to be rebuked by the Supreme Court, that they ordered an early release to save themselves.”

The UP department, which is under CM Adityanath himself, in a statement said the decision was taken on sympathetic grounds taking into consideration the representations by Mr. Chandrashekhar’s mother and the “current situation.” “Chandra Shekhar alias Ravan’s mother had submitted a plea. Keeping the current situation in mind, the government is taking a sympathetic view and is directing the Saharanpur administration to release him with immediate effect,” the UP government’s order said.

He was arrested after caste clashes in western Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur, which left at least two persons dead and many injured. Two other persons, Sonu and Shivkumar, who were in jail over the Shabbirpur violence, will also be released early.



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