BJP will emerge stronger in 2019 Lok Sabha election: Amit Shah

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New Delhi : In a recent talk Bhartiya Janta Party Chief (BJP) Chief Amit Shah said that BJP will improve its performance in 2019 election and will emerge a big win as compared to 2014 Lok Sabha election in which  BJP secured full majority.

BJP top leader said we condemned the politics based on polarisation and it is not BJP’s agenda. There will be no attempt whatsoever from us that will communalise the political atmosphere,” Shah said, adding: “It’s the media, than anyone else, that is obsessed with it”.

He also expressed confidence that the BJP will wrest Karnataka. According to Amit Shah “Door door tak kahin challenge khada hua nahi dikhta (No challenger can be seen even at a distance).”

BJP has transformed lives of 22 crore people across 19 states with its innovative welfare schemes. We have built toilets for 7.5 crore homes, 19,000 villages, Amit Shah glorified the work of BJP government.

Amit Shah said party will win the upcoming Lok Sabha election and will teach the opposition how to form a government, run and return to government.

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