Brother of Australia cricketer Usman Khawaja arrested over fake terror ‘hit list’

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NEW DELHI: Arsalan Khawaja, brother of Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja has been charged for allegedly framing a love rival as the author of a terrorist hit list. Police confirmed on Tuesday that Arsalan Khawaja had been formally charged after he was arrested on Tuesday as part of an investigation into a fake terrorism “hit list” found in a university notebook.

Arsalan Khawaja, 39, is accused of trying to set up his former university colleague Mohamed Kamer Nizamdeen, by convincing police that the 26-year-old was part of a plot to kill then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. “The arrest relates to documents allegedly found on University of (New South Wales) grounds in August this year containing plans to facilitate terrorism attacks,” police said in a statement.

The New South Wales police have expressed “regret” for Nizamdeen’s experience. “We feel very sorry for him and what has happened to him,” Assistant Commissioner Mick Willing said. He told reporters he felt sorry for Nizamdeen, but did not apologise.

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