CBSE Class 12 student got 16 in English, scores 80 after verification; glaring errors in CBSE’s evaluation

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New Delhi: The CBSE seems to have its plates full with more than 10,000 requests from Class-10/12 appeared students for verification. And most were totaling errors which managed to pass at least two layers of scrutiny. As a result, a girl’s marks in English increased from a mere 16 to 80. Someone who got 37 in Urdu after verification initially scored zero! 

This isn’t the first time this is happening. Last year too, CBSE registered gaps of up to 400% in original and corrected marks. A Class-12 student who had scored above 90 in everything else got only 42 in Math, which increased to 90.Marks increased similar for many others, including one who ‘failed’ with just nine marks in Economics, but who finally received 45.

Complaining about the board’s policies, a parent said, “All students should be allowed to obtain their evaluated answer sheets and then if they want, to apply for re-evaluation.” Presently, only those who apply for verification can obtain answer-sheet photocopies. A committee set up by the HRD Ministry in April, after CBSE’s infamous question paper leaks, had also expressed concern at its evaluation process.

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