Chandrababu Naidu terms Karnataka scenario “Victory of democracy”


Amaravati: The months-long battle for Karnataka Chief Minister on Saturday reached a conclusion after the resignation of BS Yeddyurappa which prompted Andhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu to call it the victory of democracy.

“This is not an ordinary victory. Entire people of the country will be happy. It is a proud day for all of us,” Naidu said at a meeting of women self-help groups leaders here this evening.

He said normally a party with the majority would be invited to form the government.

“But, going against the tradition, the (Karnataka) governor did not invite Congress-JDS to combine (that has the majority) to form the government.

They are adopting different traditions in different states… one in Goa, another in Meghalaya, because they have power,” he said.

Lashing out at the BJP, the Telugu Desam Party chief said: “They spoiled politics in Tamil Nadu, misused the governor’s office, finished off persons with leadership qualities.

They tried to derive political benefit in Tamil Nadu and tried the same in Karnataka.”

He claimed that the BJP’s next target would have been Andhra Pradesh (had it succeeded in Karnataka).

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