Congress Worships Cow in MP but its Leaders eat beef in public in Kerala

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BHOPAL: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday, accused the Congress of adopting double standards on cow protection, saying that while the party talks of bovine protection in Madhya Pradesh, but allowing its leaders to slaughter calf and eat beef in Kerala.

Addressing a rally in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara, the home turf of Congress state chief Kamal Nath, Modi said the opposition party had “mastered the art of speaking lies”. Without naming Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, but referring to him as “naamdar”, the Prime Minister said the party always took the voters for a ride by keeping them confused.

In May last year, Youth Congress activists allegedly publicly butchered a calf in Kerala’s Kannur to protest the Centre’s ban on sale of cattle for slaughtering. The Congress, in its manifesto for the November 28 Madhya Pradesh Assembly polls, talks about commercial production of “gaumutra” (cow urine) and “kanda” (cowdung cakes).

“Telling lies is in Congress’s blood,’’ he said. “Can you hand over the state to those whose character is flawed and whose working style is based on lies,’’ he said, targeting Chhindwara MP Nath. Polling for Madhya Pradesh’s 230-member assembly will be held on 28 November.

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