Constitutional literacy should be included in school curriculums says Kerala Bishop

National Religion

KERALA: Soosa Pakiam, Trivandrum archbishop and Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC) president called out Christian schools to include Constitution in their curriculum. Pakiam talked about the importance of constitutional literacy and how it helps in the formation of one’s character. 

“Everyone should actively work for ensuring the secular values promised by the Constitution. It is highly dangerous that hatred and fear are invoked among various groups as a shortcut to power. Learned community and political leaders should come together against such practices,” the KCBC president said.

Soosa Pakiam said that the new generation of India needs to “love” constitution along with the traditions of the country as it will help in the protection of the Constitution.

Pakiam also added that the provisions in the Constitution define the character of the nation. He also said that any threat to the Constitution is a threat to the existence of a country.

Pakiam has directed Christian schools to include constitutional literacy in their moral science curriculum.

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