Controversial JNU leader Umar Khalid, shot outside Constitutional Club,in Delhi escapes unhurmed

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NEW DELHI: An alleged attempt on Jawaharlal Nehru University Student Umar Khalid’s life was made in the heart of New Delhi, on Rafi Marg, just outside the Constitution Club. Scheduled to speak at a meeting inside, he was having tea with a few friends when he was reportedly approached by a man who pushed him, and reportedly fired at him with a pistol.

Khalid, a popular student leader, was at the venue to attend an event “Khauff Se Azaadi” (Freedom from fear), put together by an organisation named ‘United Against Hate.

The shot missed him and the gunman fled from the spot leaving behind his pistol as people standing near Khalid rushed towards him.” The police that reached the spot, escorted Khalid out to a safer place.

There is an atmosphere of fear in the country, and anybody who speaks against the government is threatened,” Umar Khalid said after the attack

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