Cultural Diversity, imperative facet at Usha Martin University


Diversity gives people the ability to hear. Diversity matters in education because it builds understanding and helps people make educated opinions and judgments. When people are more educated and embrace diversity, they learn to make judgments based on a person’s actions and words and not by their appearance.

The word, Cultural Diversity is often used when talking about the presence of people on a campus that differ in terms of race, culture, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and ability. It also means the presence of people with diverse opinions, political views, and academic passions.

Cultural and ethnic diversity on college campus provides college students a range of viewpoints and experiences from which to shape their academic and social lives. More and more colleges are striving to provide cultural diversity not only in their student body, but also faculty and staff and college admissions and here comes the Usha Martin University, Ranchi which truly practices it within the campus.

One of the top leading universities in Ranchi, the heart of Jharkhand… Usha Martin University is racially diverse.

Racially and socioeconomically diverse universities offer students important social-emotional benefits by exposing them to peers of different backgrounds. The increased tolerance and cross-cultural dialogue that result from these interactions are beneficial for civil society.









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