Election started in Pakistan close fight between Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif’s party

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Pakistan goes to poll on Wednesday a close fight between the two parties but neither may get the full mandate. According to exit polls  neither of the top three parties will get the full majority and there is a huge chance of Hung assembly in the neighbouring state.

Military  which has ruled for much of the nation’s history  has faced accusations during the campaign of intimidating critics and reporters to elect a pliant government. It has denied the allegations.

The Cricketer turn politician, can be seen as the Military first choice as the next Prime Minister of the Nation  despite his denials. Ex Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who has clashed repeatedly with the military over the years and was jailed this month on corruption charges, which he is appealing.

However it is not a big deal who win’s in Pakistan the next leader will have to face the Army Chief over control of foreign policy and national security.

Controversy has also arisen over allowing terrorists groups to participate in the elections. Some of the Pakistani extremist leaders, accused of spreading religious hatred and instigating sectarian violence, are among hundreds of candidates contesting the elections.

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