Erudite & Discerning Faculties of Mangalayatan University, Who Help Students in Exploring Their Best !


New Delhi : Mangalayatan University Set up ambitiously in 2006 to contribute remarkably to the further development in the higher education sector as well as the professional, industrial, and economic growth of India, steadily thriving and highly prestigious Mangalayatan University of Aligarh is well-equipped with all necessary and affluent resources and facilities. Its spacious and trim 70-acre campus and well-designed academic infrastructure are of international standards, and thus, utmost conducive to ace-quality higher education, development of individual personality & professionalism, and well-rounded development of the students. Apart from these, precious guidance and support for inculcating in them the due moral and ethical values, and becoming highly talented professionals and responsible citizens with keen social &environmental conscience, are also provided by this visionary and benevolent university of nationwide and international fame & trust. In this brief but rich article, the author is primarily concerned with offering detailed information about the teaching faculties of this fast-paced university of northern India, to help interested students & scholars and other people & entities belonging to India and abroad. The lavish campus of Mangalayatan (Meaning, the ‘Germinal Bed of Positive Thoughts’) University is located at Beswan, just 20 Km away from the Yamuna Expressway, and adjacent to the city of Aligarh.
The teaching faculties of a punctilious, responsible, and innovative university are like both the backbone and the lifeblood. Their respective rich & varied erudition and experience, keen disciplinary acumen & high capabilities, and dignified personality & professionalism, are invaluable and life-changing assets of the university. Giving due weightage to these vital and significant facts, prestigious and innovative Mangalayatan University (MU) has, therefore, been employing only such professors and research supervisors & experts since its very inception, along with offering to them the necessary freedom, respect, and propelling pastures. More enlightening and beneficial information about the teaching, training, and guiding faculties of MU, is being provided below exclusively, who are over 200 in number. MU is duly recognized under section 2(f) and section 22(1) of the UGC Act of 1956, and has been a prosperous and dynamic member of AIU.
Well-resourced, magnificent, and inherently innovative, Mangalayatan University (MU) has at present six major faculty divisions dedicated to the broad disciplines of the following — Engineering & Technology; Applied Sciences; Biomedical Education & Research; Business Administration & Management; Legal Studies & Research; and Arts and Humanities. Together, these major divisions contain 17 broad academic departments/institutes, which offer highlyqualitative and rather professional education and industrial training in various disciplines and at all varying levels of the academics (from diploma to doctoral). The courses of MU comply to the policies and regulations of UGC, BCI, PCI, NCTE, Council of Architecture, and other regulatory bodies relevant. These all academic departments cover the following disciplines/fields —
• Many hugely popular engineering streams (Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, etc.)
• Computer Applications
• Applied Sciences
• Pharmacy
• Biotechnology & Life Sciences
• Nursing
• Agriculture
• Commerce
• Management
• Tourism & Hotel Management
• Many popular legal streams
• Education & Research
• Arts& Humanities
• Journalism & Mass Communication
• Visual & Performing Arts
• Philosophical Sciences
• Library & Information Science

Each of these departments has many highly competent and innovative lecturers, professors, and research experts. The majority of these teaching and guiding professionals are well-learned-and-experienced, punctilious & dedicated, and ambitious & innovative. A large number of these (over 100) professors and heads of departments, have constructive and excelling experience in teaching at prestigious universities and institutions of regional, national, and international prestige. The regulatory and chief faculties of MU have the great credit and privilege of having served as the former Vice Chancellors and Chairmen of widelyfamous universities and institutions across India, former Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of bodies like UGC, AICTE, and so on. Again, besides the regular industrial trainers and experts employed by MU, numerous professionals and trainers belonging to booming and leading companies and MNCs (engaged in various economic fields) also visit MU to teach and train its students and research scholars from time to time throughout the year. Also, many professors and research experts of MU have regularly been publishing their research papers in journals and magazines of national and international importance from time to time, since the inception of the university, along with representing the university at relevant seminars and conferences.
At Mangalayatan University, every student or research scholar (pertaining to any discipline, technical or non-technical) is given ample opportunity and guidance for developing and honing his/her disciplinary talent and professional skills, apart from theoretical and industrial knowledge and updated industrial information. Students are also offered the liberty to ask their inquisitive questions from the corporate professionals and industrial trainers, during industrial visits or on-campus industrial training by them. Moreover, every student is also guided by professors/industrial experts for putting predominant emphasis on his/her certain talent or selecting any specific career in the concerned discipline/sector. Thus, MU does follow its admirable motto rigorously which reads as “Learn Today, To Lead Tomorrow”.

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