Ex army officer saves mother and her 3 daughters, drowning in suicide bid

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Retired Army Major Suresh Bhosle saves life of women and her three daughter when saw them drowning in a canal. Quickly he decided to jump inside the water without care for his life. The former serviceman is being praised as a hero across Pune.

While on his way to buy groceries, the retired serviceman saw four people drowning in a canal, reported Indian Express. Without caring for his own life, Bhosale jumped into the muddy waters and rescued all four with help from locals. , he said thinking of how every passing second can lead to loss of life prompted him to jump into the canal without knowing its depth. In a statement he gave the media.

Bhosale said that there were a number of people standing and watching the woman and her children drown but no one came to their rescue or aided him in saving them apart from two young men. The Ex army officer shown a wonderful human gesture.


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