Haryana Govt makes a queer decision; orders its athletes to pay 33% to the state

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New Delhi: A queer decision by the Haryana Govt came forward this Friday. The government has instructed the state athletes to pay one-third of their professional or sports endorsements to the Haryana Govt. This has been done with an aim to develop sports facilities in the Haryana State. 

It states that the athletes participating professionally or in endorsements will be accorded extraordinary leave without pay and in case they are considered to be on-duty, they will have to transfer their entire earnings to the same council. The decision is bound to leave many athletes from the state highly frustrated and in anguish. Geeta Phogat, who is one of the most prominent athletes from the state and a former Commonwealth Games gold medalist, slammed the development.

She said, “It is understandable if this new rule is applied to cricketers, since they earn a lot from the sport as well as through endorsements. However, from athletes from sports such as wrestling, kabaddi and boxing etc., this is extremely disappointing. 33% is a huge amount and in such a case, what will remain with the athlete?”

This is not the first time the Haryana government has crossed swords with its athletes. Recently, 22 athletes from the state won medals at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in April 2018 and the function to felicitate them was cancelled as the players threatened a walkout over the government’s proposal to take a cut of their prize money.

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