Woman rescued from Saudi Arabia by External Affairs Ministry: Was forced to beg for food by her employers

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New Delhi: A Hyderabadi woman rescued from Saudi Arbia was forced to beg for food there. The woman went abroad for a better job and was trapped. She has thanked External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and has now demanded stringent actions against the agents.

Ameena Begum said, “I was told I have to take care of kids but I was made to work as a maid, that too at three houses and employers were abusive also. My family wrote to EAM (Sushma Swaraj). I thank her and the Indian Embassy who helped me to get back”. 

29-year-old Ameena, who was rescued by the Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia in February this year, had told that she was also forced to beg for food at wedding functions by one of her employers.

“An agent approached me and offered me a good job as a beautician in Saudi Arabia with 1,000 riyal per month. I left for Saudi and after landing there I realised there was no such job and the agent kept me in a house as maid servant,” the woman had told.

“When I confronted and said I want to return back to India, they said they will not send me back and in turn they demanded two lakhs rupees from me to do so. Later, I faced health issues but they did not even take me to the hospital. The employer had also told me to beg and bring food from marriages and functions but I refused to go,” she added.


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