Kerala Police: Don’t pick calls from numbers starting with +5, +4

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New Delhi: The Kerala police has issued an advisory asking people not to attend/call back on phone numbers starting with +5 and +4 as they appear to be suspicious. As per a report, the latest public directive by the Kerala police came after people complaint that  they were receiving such calls from numbers starting with +5 and +4 as though they appear to be from countries like Bolivia. Notably, The dialling code in Bolivia is +591.

Apparently, the high-tech cell of the police department has started an investigation in conjunction with complainants to find the source and intent of such phone calls. However, it is yet to be known if  these calls are coming from outside the country or whether they are being made to appear as ISD calls.

“Some people have reported a significant reduction in their cellphone ‘talk-time’ when they called back on those numbers after receiving a missed call. In such a scenario, the public have been asked to desist from receiving or calling back on those suspicious phone numbers until the police conclude its probe,” quoted police.

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