Maharashtra :Woman hanged from tree, Cops suspect honour killing


New Delhi: Kalyan Police in Maharashtra have cracked the December 31 murder of a 23-year-old woman from Uttar Pradesh and their investigation has revealed honour killing as the motive behind the crime.

A police official Saturday said they have registered a case of murder against four persons, including the father and the brother of the deceased Manita Yadav whose body was found hanging from a tree in Kalyan in Thane district.

No arrest is made yet.

The accused are identified as Manita’s father Lotu Yadav, her brother Tirthraj Yadav and relatives Ramakanat Yadav and Manoj Yadav.

According to police, Manita’s family members were filled with a sense of shame after her in-laws dropped her at their home in Azamgarh district in Uttar Pradesh last month while accusing her of having an extra-marital affair with another man.

The deceased was married to a man from a village in Azamgarh district.

A police official said Tirthraj, Ramakant and Manoj boarded a train for Mumbai on December 30 from Azamgarh under the pretext of taking Manita to her another brother who is a resident of suburban Vikhroli in Mumbai.

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