Man dies after after being hit by plane during take-off in Moscow

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NEW DELHI: A passenger plane taking off from Russia’s busiest airport ran over and killed a 25-year-old man when he was hit by a plane that was taking off at a major Russian airport, , Russian investigators said Wednesday.

Boeing 737 was reported and it was decided not to abort the flight because the systems of the plane did not register any damage. Albert Yepremyan, 25, had been deported from Madrid to his native Armenia when he fled the terminal during a stopover in Moscow, say reports.

Russian officials said the 25-year-old had died after being hit by the landing gear of a Boeing 737 as it took off. The pilot of a Moscow to Athens flight reported hitting an ‘animal’ on the runway at Sheremetyevo airport shortly before takeoff.

Ground crews discovered damage to the fuselage and human remains on the exterior of the plane, which has been temporarily grounded.

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