Man killed minor girl, chopped body after she demanded salary


New Delhi: In a horrifying incident, a 30-year-old man allegedly killed a 16-year-old girl and chopped her body in an open drain after she demanded her salary that he was collected from the employer of the teenager. The accused was arrested by Delhi Police after it received a tip-off about his whereabouts.

Police said the accused Manjeet Kareketa, 30, is a native of Jharkhand and stayed in a rented accommodation in Bhooton Wali Gali in Nangloi.

“Kareketa was arrested on a tip-off from Nangloi. During questioning, he confessed that he killed the deceased identified as Soni Kumari, 16, chopped her body with the help of his associates and later threw it in an open drain,” Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajender Singh Sagar said.

“During interrogation, Kareketa said he along with his accomplices, Sahu and Gauri used to lure poor teenaged girls from Jharkhand with attractive job placement offers in Delhi. In Delhi, he placed them as maids. The gang did the same with Soni Kumari,” he said.

“Kareketa used to collect the salary of Soni Kumari to keep her under his control. After a year the deceased demanded her money so that she could return to Jharkhand. He tried to pacify her initially, but when she insisted he killed her,” the officer added.

Sagar said the incident was reported to police on May 4 when some children playing near the drain in Rao Vihar, spotted a human leg floating in it. They informed some locals who called the police.

“During the investigation, a chopped body of a girl later identified as Soni Kumari was found packed in a bag. Police teams examined all CCTV footage and inspected more than 200 houses located near the spot to identify the deceased and nab the accused,” Sagar said.

“During the probe, one of the tenants later identified as Kareketa was found to be missing from Bhooton Wali Gali in Nangloi since the day of the murder. He was the prime suspect in the probe,” the officer said.

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