Mangalayatan University – A Leading Engineering Institute in Uttar Pradesh, Where Students Can Explore Best Out Of Their Talent


New Delhi : Mangalayatan University Well-established adjacent to the city of Aligarh, beside the Aligarh-Mathura Highway, steadily prospering Mangalayatan University (MU) is a hugely popular and highly prestigious university in the northern India, duly recognized by UGC and a vibrant promising member of AIU (Association of Indian Universities). This well-resourced, innovative, and well-connected university offers top-notch and highly prolific higher education in almost all disciplines (educational/vocational, professional, and philosophical) and at all diverse academic hierarchies. The most of its courses (which range from prolific diploma programs to cutting-edge doctoral research courses) in various technical and non-technical streams/subjects have been hugely popular for over a decade among students and professionals belonging to the north India and other regions across the country. But, this concise and highly informative article gives exclusive information only about its various courses in the broad and momentous discipline of Engineering and Technology, along with stipulating its high capabilities in this magnificent discipline/sector of immense contemporary importance. Here, it may also be just mentioned that numerous foreign students and research scholarsalso come to internationallyfamous MU every year to pursue the courses of their specific choices. Visionary MU has promising academic collaborations with many renowned foreign universities & institutions which are located mainly in China, Canada, USA, etc.
The opulent and ingenious Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) of MU is one of the major and vital faculty divisions of the university; there are six such giant faculty divisions. Again, FET is further divided into the following three academic divisions — the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET), the Department of Computer Applications (DCA), and the University Polytechnic. The IET is exclusively concerned with conducting degree-level courses in engineering & technology, the DCA is responsible for nurturing affluent degree courses in computer applications, while the University Polytechnic is dedicated to offering diploma-level programs in many hugely popular engineering streams. Glorious FET is well-equipped with all hi-tech academic resources and facilities, which are separately described below in appropriate places. At present, the various courses offered by FET are the following —
(A) Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET)
a) B.Tech. Courses (Each lasting for 4 years) — Offering the Bachelor’s Degree in the chosen engineering stream, this course is available in the streams of Mechanical Engineering (ME), Civil Engineering (CE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), and in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). For the case of Lateral E

ntry, this B.Tech. course takes only 3 years.

b) Integrated (B.Tech.+M.Tech) Engineering Courses — Each taking 5 years, these courses are also available in all above-mentioned engineering streams.

c) M. Tech. Courses (Each lasting for 2 years) — Providing the Master’s Degree in the selected specialization stream, this postgraduate course in engineering is offered in the streams of Production Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Communication Systems, and Computer Science & Engineering.

(B) Department of Computer Applications: — This ornate department is primarily and exclusively responsible for conducting highly professional undergraduate (BCA) and Postgraduate (MCA) courses in this technical field/segment. Both these courses last for 3 years.

(C) University Polytechnic: — This academic division conducts rich and employment-boosting diploma courses in the following streams — ME; CE; Electrical & Electronics Engineering; CSE; Automobile Engineering; Electronics Engineering; and Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. For normal entry, each of these diploma courses lasts for 3 years; while for the lateral entry cases, the course duration of each of these courses is just 2 years.

The motto of FET is “Engineering with Ethos and Quality Teaching with a Quest for Excellence.” The curriculum of its every course diploma or degree has been intelligently well-designed by top academicians, taking necessary and finer inputs from the concerned industry. The academic departments of this faculty are well-embellished with state-of-the-art laboratories, computers & IT facilities, modern instruments &equipments, relevant latest technologies, wealthy libraries, workshops & industrial training resources, training & placement (T&P) cell, a centre for development of the personality & professional skills and career guidance, and a well-structured mentorship program, in addition to a large and immensely potent pool of highly erudite and veteran professors and research experts. During industrial visits as well as on-campus industrial training programs, students are made well-acquainted with the latest technologies and trends prevailing in the concerned industries, in order to render them industry-ready and readily employable. The ultimate aim of its ethical mentorship program is to make the technocrats duly sensitive and responsible towards the concerned society, industry, and the country, in addition to offering to them the well-rounded professional knowledge and updated information by FET.

At MU, every final year student is made well-acquainted with the various job/career opportunities available in his/her discipline, after completing the bachelor’s or master’s degree course. The career guidance counselors as well as the industry experts make a comprehensive observation and analysis of the professional skills and specific talents of every such candidate, and suggest him/her the most suitable and promising job for the candidate in the industry concerned. Many disciplinary sidelines are also suggested in addition. These provisions and facts also hold good for the research scholars at IET. So far, numerous research scholars of IET have published their enlightening and innovative research papers in many journals of Indian and international prestige. The proactive and responsible Training and Placement (T&P) Cell of the university has so far placed its numerous highly-talented and ambitious technocrats in around 300 companies located in India and abroad, which are engaged in or associated with diverse disciplines of engineering & technology, information technology, and computer applications.By virtue of superlative and steady performance IET has been achieving and winning many exalting and admiring recognitions and awards from time to time, the most noteworthy among these are the VWP Worlds Brands (the Admired Brand of Asia 2014-15) under diverse categories, and the award of being the “most promising engineering institute in Uttar Pradesh” – as per Ranking 2019 of magnificent Jagran New Media. This prestigious award was given to the university by the Hon’ble Vice President of India, Shri Venkaiah Naidu, and the CEO of Jagran New Media, Shri Bharat Gupta, during Jagran New Media’s ‘RankOne Education Forum’ programme, which was held on 27th March 2019 in New Delhi.

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