Mentally unstable women lynched by people in Madhya Pradesh led to death

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A mentally sick women was beaten up by the people of  Badgad village in Singrauli district. The Singrauli Police have arrested 12 villagers who mistook a mentally unstable woman for being a child lifter and allegedly beat her to death.

The victim was remaind unidentified for more than three days after her death. According to police the age of the deceased is between 25 and 30 years, several mark of injuries made by sharp weapons in a forest department nursery on Friday.

The villagers armed with stick and axes beat her near a school and  then chased her to a hillock and was finally thrown in a culvert where she allegedly died. The IO said  the accused accepted the crime and the weapons used in the crime have been seized by the police from their homes.

The police had clarified that no such incident of child lifting has taken place in the entire district and yet the alleged lynching took place.

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