Mumbai Police ends up wrongly policing policing calls out Sonam Kapoor and Dulquer Salmaan for using phone while driving


MUMBAI: Known for calling out celebs on social media for breaking traffic rules, the most recent one is when Mumbai Police showed its disapproval of Dulquer Salmaan trying out “weirdo” stunts on roads. However, it later turned out that the Mumbai Police were quick to form an opinion this time.

A video was posted by Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle on Friday. In the video, Dulquer is seen checking his phone while sitting behind the wheel. Actress Sonam Kapoor can be heard calling him “weirdo”. 

The tweet got many talking and Kapoor soon stepped in to explain things weren’t what they seemed. She clarified tweeting, “We weren’t driving we were rigged on a truck.. but I’m glad you guys are concerned.. I hope and I know you show the same interest in regular folk as well! Thanks for taking care! #Reelvsreal @dulQuer.” Dulquer Salmaan also responded saying that he’s not a weirdo and would have been good had they done some fact checking before. 

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