‘National No Fly’ list gets first entry as Mumbai man


Mumbai: Mumbai-based jeweller Birju Kishore Salla became the first man to be named in the National No-Fly list, a senior official of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) confirmed. Salla, who created a hijack scare onboard a Jet Airways flight last year, will no-longer be able to board any flight further.

Salla, 37, was arrested in October last year by the crime branch following the emergency landing made by the Mumbai-Delhi Jet Airways plane at the Ahmedabad airport after the pilot was alerted about a note about hijackers and a bomb which was found in the plane’s washroom by a cabin crew.
He was also the first one to be booked under the stringent Anti-Hijacking Act.

According to the DGCA, it is the responsibility of Jet Airways now to inform other airlines about the grounding of this particular passenger under the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR).

No-fly-list is a central database of unruly or disruptive passengers. If an airline decides to ban a passenger for unruly or disruptive behaviour, it will have to inform the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and other airlines and the passenger will become a part of the National No-Fly List.

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