News Report: Cheating wife sued by husband for‘every penny’ spent on son he later found was illegitimate


New Delhi: An angry husband in London is suing his wife for ‘every penny’ he spent on their son he later found out was not biologically his.
The Wife had the son with a man she had an affair with during the marriage.
The high court has asked the wife to reveal the identity of the man in question to the husband, but the husband has been refrained from revealing the identity of the biological father to the public.

In addition to every penny he’s spent on the boy, the man requires compensation for the mental distress caused due to the events.

Domestic arguments about whether the boy should be given information about his real father saw the husband in favor of telling the boy the rather distressing news, while the wife believes it will not be in the boy’s best interests.

In a private hearing in the Family Division Of The High Court in London, the High court Judge Mr. Justice Cohen outlined his decision in a written ruling.

Mr. Justice Cohen said the boy must not be told ‘until the time is right’ and a social worker will analyze the situation and give advice on when the son should be told about his biological father.

Mr. Justice Cohen is also set to oversee the couple’s divorce early next year, to decide how the money will be divided.

The judge revealed that the man was ‘full of controlled anger’ and the woman was ‘full of remorse’. He also insisted that the people involved were not to be named in coverage of the case in any media platforms.

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