One nation, one election fancy idea of Bharatiya Janata Party: Communist Party of India. (CPI)


New Delhi: One nation, one election is a “fancy idea” of the BJP and it’s neither possible nor necessary, said the Communist Party of India.

CPI’s national general secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy asked what would happen if some state governments were to fall during their term for one reason or the other.

“What will happen to all these states (where governments fail to complete their term)? there will be by-elections. You cannot deny democratic rights of the people and ask them to wait till the next election,” he told PTI.

“We think it (‘one nation, one election’) is neither possible nor necessary”, the CPI boss, a veteran Communist leader, said.

“It’s some sort of fancy idea of the BJP,” he added.

Chairing an all-party meeting on the eve of the first session of the new Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday invited heads of all parties to meet on June 19 to discuss the “one nation, one election” issue and other important matters.

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