Pakistani authorities orders to cancel Musharraf’s NIC and Passport

International Legal

Islamabad: Pakistani authorities have ordered to cancel the National Identity Card (NIC) and passport of former President and Army Chief Pervez Musharraf. The caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan Nasir Ul Mulk passed the order after which National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has cancelled Musharraf’s NIC. Once NIC is cancelled, the passport automatically is of zero significance. Musharraf is currently in Dubai and according to the law, authorities can deport him as his stay in Dubai stands illegal after cancellation of his Pakistani passport and NIC. 

However, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has called on Musharraf to come to Pakistan. He has already missed several court hearings against him. If now, Musharraf intends to come to Pakistan special travel documents will have to be made. The former president was indicted in March 2014 on charges of treason for imposing emergency in 2007.

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