Petrol Prices Hit 2018 Lows diesel rates at lowest since March


MUMBAI: In yet another respite to the vehicle users, Petrol prices were slashed on Tuesday across while diesel prices were at their lowest since March. According to Indian Oil Corporation, petrol today costs Rs 72.41 in Chennai, Rs 71.89 in Kolkata and Rs 70.35 in Bengaluru. A litre of diesel, on the other hand, costs Rs 67.38 in Chennai, Rs 65.95 in Kolkata and 64.18 in Bengaluru.

Petrol price in Noida went down 15 paise to Rs 69.68 after Tuesday’s price revision. The decline in domestic fuel prices comes amid the recent fall in global crude oil prices. The rupee closed marginally higher against the dollar at 70.14 on Monday. The rupee is down 9.8 per cent against the dollar so far this year.

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