Rahul Gandhi Said : ‘ PM Modi is Most Anti-national, Has ‘Divided’ Country ‘


New delhi : Hitting out at the Prime Minister, Congress President Rahul Gandhi Wednesday alleged that Narendra Modi has “divided” the country and made it fight within itself.

Speaking to reporters here after the Parliamentary coordination committee meeting, Gandhi held Modi responsible for the rising unemployment among the youth, farmers’ suicides and allegedly giving Anil Ambani Rs 30,000 crore as part of the Rafale deal.

“Narendra Modi divided the country and made the country fight within itself. The most anti-national thing to be done in this country today is creating a situation by which 27,000 youngsters are losing their job every 24 hours.

Anti-national behaviour is crippling our agricultural system and forcing thousands of farmers to commit suicide is anti-national behaviour,” Gandhi said.

“Taking Rs 30,000 crore and giving it to Anil Ambani is anti-national behaviour. Narendra Modi should answer why he allowed all these things to happen,” he said.

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