New Delhi : The time has come for a mobilization against terrorism. Crushing the nefarious movements of Pakistan is very important for the destruction of terrorism. In view of this, a strong seminar was organized on “No More Pakistan” on the subject of National Security Jagran Manch under the banner of Haryana Bhawan. In this event, dignitaries have their own ideas.

In the seminar, senior officers of retired Army , retired intelligence officers and officers who have served in police departments from across the country joined the seminar.

After the seminar there was a press conference. In which all former executives should take a detailed view of what the strategy should be against Pakistan. Officials shared their own experiences too.

On this occasion, officials said that we condemn the acts of terrorists. The country will not let the martyrdom of the martyr in vain. Now the time has come that we should give a brief answer to Pakistan.

After the Balakot terror attack, all of the air strikes India has done by entering into Pakistan, everyone praised it very much in one voice. It is also said that Pakistan needs to be isolated on political, economic and social issues on the world stage. On this occasion, the tremendous reproach was carried out in the country. Those who sought evidence of the air strikes were strongly condemned.

Senior officials also condemned China on this occasion. Terrorist Azhar Masood has just got relief due to China. The boycott of China-made goods was also called in the press conference.

There was also emphasis on adopting track to diplomacy at this juncture.

It was also agreed that there has been unfortunate incidents in Jammu and Kashmir and it will not be tolerated at any cost.

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