Sukhbir Badal Said : We are not enemies, politics should not be like India vs Pakistan


New Delhi: Expressing concern about political discourse hitting a new low in Election 2019, Shiromani Akali Dal president Sukhbir Badal says politics should not become an “India versus Pakistan” situation.

The chief of one of BJP’s oldest allies hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a decisive and strong prime minister and said he is the only choice to steer the NDA after the Lok Sabha election results.

We need a strong prime minister…after so many years we got a prime minister who is decisive. You can’t let the country run on auto mode…we need a leader who can take the country on the path of faster growth, Badal told PTI in an interview.

He also articulated his concerns about personal attacks against leaders and the quality of leaders in the ongoing Lok Sabha election, now in its last lap.

“We politicians are not enemies…we are not like India-Pakistan…politics should not be like India versus Pakistan, which it is unfortunately becoming.

Everyone has their own views but still we are all Indians and the interest of the country is important for us, Badal said.

“There may be a platform where we may have to be together against a common enemy, Badal added.

Asked if the NDA might need new partners after the results and demand a change of leadership, he said, “People are voting for him (Modi) and he is the right person to lead the country. I think we should stick with him post results. He is the only choice.

Asked whether the NDA would otherwise be ready to sit in opposition, Badal nodded and said, Yeah, yeah.

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