The Supreme Court knock government for failing to tackle Jantar Mantar fuss

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Lifting the ban on protests at Jantar Mantar and Boat Club, the Highest Court  Monday criticised the government for letting protests go out of hand on Jantar Mantar Road.   The regular demonstration and protest on Jantar Mantar road, which is a residential area had become a never breaking trouble for the gentry living in the area.

The dull attitude of the police authorities in order to control the volume of the number of demonstrators encroached into the fundamental right of the residents to lead peaceful lives in their homes or even have a good nights’ sleep, a Bench of Justices A.K. Sikri and Ashok Bhushan observed.

The Supreme Court also said that  the golden rule is that the right to protest should be balanced with the right of the residents to live peacefully and one should not make any wrong exercise which breaks in law a Bench of Justices  A.K. Sikri and Ashok Bhushan observed.

No one should allowed for unnecessary blockage and objector should not be allowed to carry non-stop slogans, and loudspeakers even at odd hours.

The bench issued a slew of suggestion for, Commissioner of police Delhi and directed him to frame various guidelines for future protests that will going to be held at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar and boat club.

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