Triple Talaq is expected to be passed by the Lok Sabha today

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NEW DELHI: A reexamined bill to make moment Triple Talaq a culpable offense is expected to be passed by the Lok Sabha today. The legislature considered a law on it after the Supreme Court said in August last year that the traditional method of Muslim men immediately separating from their spouses by expressing “Talaq” thrice was “illegal” and “subjective”.

The four-hour debate will begin in at 2 pm in the Lok Sabha. The BJP has requested that its administrators be available at full quality.The opposition was against the criminalisation of Triple Talaq, arguing that it will be a disservice to Muslim women. Under the reexamined bill, just a lady, or her nearby relative, can record a police body of evidence against her significant other. Since the Winter Session of Parliament started on December 11,the Lok Sabha has not possessed the capacity to work legitimately because of continuous disturbances by opposition members.

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