UK PM May’s government loses key Parliament vote on Brexit

International Politics

NEW DELHI: The British government suffered a major blow on Tuesday losing a key parliamentary vote on legal advice it received on the Brexit deal exposing Prime Minister Theresa May’s lack of support in parliament.

A motion tabled by the main opposition Labor Party to find the government in contempt of parliament for failing to publish the legal advice was passed by 311 MPs in favor to 293 against. It is the first time ever that a British government has been found in contempt of Parliament in such a way and was one of three significant votes lost by the government on December 4 afternoon.

The government reacted to the defeat by saying it would published the “final and full” advice on Wednesday. May told parliament: “We need to deliver a Brexit that respects the decision of the British people. “The government is upholding an important point of principle,” the prime minister’s spokesman said.

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