Usha Martin University celebrates 132th birth anniversary of the nation’s poet Maithilisaran Gupta


Ranchi: Usha Martin University celebrated the 132th birth anniversary of the nation’s poet and Padmashri Maithilisaran Gupta. All the teachers and students of the University were present on the occasion. At the same time the wreath was dedicated with the slogans “Maithilisharan Gupta-Amar Rahein” on the statue of the nation’s poet by various officials and members of the society, students of various schools and the present literary writers. After this, the students presented their poems.
The University Vice-Chancellor said that the story of the family that Mahakavi Tulsidas has said in Ramcharit Manas and through which the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi has tied the entire nation in the form of unity with truth, non-violence, the same truth can be seen in the compositions of Maithilisharan Gupta.
The aim of Usha Martin University has been to make the students familiar with the famous historians and social workers who have been constantly devoted to the nation.

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