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Acquisition of knowledge is a continuous process. Knowledge comprises a large sphere of concepts that are boundless and limitless. No one can master all the concepts or exhaust them. The world is a miraculous entity that is comprised of a lot of things. The more one tries to know about something, the more it becomes mysterious. Human entities, therefore, strive to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the universe; although, this is a limited process that is hampered with complexities. Education facilitates the continuous endeavor to acquire knowledge.

Usha Martin University is dedicated to offer cost-effective quality education for sustainable inclusive development of society in the state of #Jharkhand. Fire is the test of gold and courage is the conviction of brave. With firm faith in this dictum, Usha Martin University has set benchmarks for itself to take this society from stagnation and poverty to dynamism and prosperity, from marginalization and deprivation to empowerment and recognition and from ignorance and delusion to enlightenment and liberation through offer of education. 

The education offered by Usha Martin University in #Ranchi  is comparable with the best in the country. With latest course curriculum for all degree programmes, the University imparts training in skills and competencies necessary for the present day world of work. The career experts guide all those seeking admission in the University and make sure that the learners choose programmes according to their interest, capabilities and aptitude so that they can successfully complete them in minimum time and face the world of work with well acquired competencies.

Education to be holistic should synergize the energies of a healthy mind in a healthy body. To foster these thoughts, Usha Martin University houses excellent infrastructure facilities and lays equal emphasis on sports clubbed with academics. The Sports Counsellor and sports faculty are channelizing and harnessing the energies of young men and women by organizing various sports activities and encouraging them to participate in various inter-college sports competitions.

Besides, Usha Martin University provides tremendous on- and off-campus opportunities to the students to participate in various sports activities. These help improve physical and mental fitness and develop leadership skills and team spirit.

Since its inception, students have been encouraged to participate in various indoor & outdoor sports activities throughout the year. Facilities such as Cricket Ground, Basketball court, Volleyball Court, Hand Ball Court, Badminton court, Football Field, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom etc are available for the students on campus. The students have brought laurels by winning many intercollege sports tournament under the guidance of dedicated team of Physical Instructors. Annual indoor and outdoor activities / competitions within the university are also organized to provide strong platform to our students to showcase their sporting abilities. To bring about widespread awareness of fitness, health and increased sports participation, a mix of proper in and after studies sports curriculum is important.

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