Workers From UP, Bihar Leave North Gujarat, Fearing for lives after mob attacks

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GUJARAT: Hundreds of migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have fleeing — driven by fear after mobs, seemingly angry over the alleged rape of a 14-month-old girl, started to attack “non-Gujaratis” earlier this week.

Six districts have mainly been affected (by the violence), with Mehsana and Sabarkantha being the worst hit. The police said protests broke out in Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Patan, Sabarkantha and Mehsana a day after the accused was arrested.

A part of Ahmedabad city was also affected. In these districts and Ahmedabad 42 cases have been registered,” the police chief said. Gujarat Congress legislator Alpesh Thakor, who heads the Thakor Sena group in the state, has appealed for calm.

Alpesh Thakor announced that he will go on a ‘sadbhavna’ (goodwill) fast from October 11 if the government does not withdraw “false cases” registered against his supporters in the wake of the attacks.

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