Zero Tolerance on Ragging: Anti-Ragging Committee- Usha Martin University

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Usha Martin University has established it’s capabilities and has ensured to uplift all the aspects of prominent education, begging the tag for healthy environment enabled university.

The University bounds itself to come up with every essential rules and regulations to make sure a growth in every student of Usha Martin University and to enrich there future with knowledge and values. Under Operation Head, the University organises Councelling sessions,where the students are guided on the basis of their interests, prior education and experience and are provided with suitable and best career programmes.

Zero tolerance on Ragging:

As per the Letter issued by the Indian Government, under UGC guidelines, Anti-Ragging Committee was formed. The respective members from the Committee has been directed to hold meetings weekly and take necessary steps and strictly ensure that the campus files no cases of Ragging. Usha Martin University has strictly organised best facilities and security measures to prevent ragging in premises of the university and Vehicles that it provides.

The University ensures punishment if in any case the mischief is found. The activities that are considered offensive and a part of Ragging, includes:

  1. Use of Physical actions, involvement in fights and attempt to hurt physically.
  2. Disrespect towards Women or any abusive language.
  3. Any mentally pressurising comments or harm to someone’s Self respect.
  4. And, any kind of vocal bullying.

The Institution will take up the quick and strict actions for violence of any of the above mentioned instructions.


Usha Martin University promotes Tobacco and smoking free environment and has been associated with World Health Organisation for many years. We ensure our students to enrich their knowledge in a healthy and secure environment.

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